Who is this Chick?

Hi! I’m Dani. I live in Orange County, CA with my fur child, Duke.

I am a spin teaching, roller skating, music obsessed, vegan eating, tattoo touting Gemini, with a degree in Law and a deep love for black clothing, reading, Lego building, Disney, and all things magical in life.

I believe in shooting straight, swear words, tough love, and lipstick.

Where in the heck did I get “MirrorSlapsandTapBacks” and what the f*ck does it mean?

If you have been to one of my classes, you know I like it loud, lively, and a little raw, and I crave the energy I send to my clients back. Something came over me one day and without thinking, I reached back and smacked the mirror behind me as hard as I could.

Oh hi there class – do I have your attention now?

It kept happening organically from there. People kinda liked it. It doesn’t happen in every class because you can’t force these kind of things. And because #socialmedia #youvegottabrandyourself #doitforthegram – my little nickname/hashtag was born.

I have bruised my hands and scared the every loving crap out of people in the front row.

And for the record, I have only shattered the mirror once.

This blog is a chronicle of my thoughts, life hacks, and things that I love.

Enjoy! xo – Dani